Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime in Kodi

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Technology

This is a simple guide on how to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime in Kodi on the Raspberry Pi. Actually this should work on any debian based linux version as long as you have Kodi version 18 or greater installed. I have installed in Ubuntu, and in OSMC on the Raspberry Pi.

This guide is going to assume that you already have Kodi installed with your favorite distro. If your not sure which to use, OSMC is a good choice. You can also install Kodi in your desktop environment as well.

Using your SSH client, or from terminal log into your system. I have written a super simple script that will handle the legwork for us. Simply enter in the following command.

[sourcecode language=”shell”]curl -sSL | sudo bash[/sourcecode]

Your system will reboot once complete.

Lets Install our Add-ons

Now that we are all setup, lets configure. First, lets enable our newly downloaded Add-ons.

Amazon Prime Video

Add-ons -> Install from Zip File
Root filesystem -> addons -> repository.sandmann79.plugins…

This will install the repository. Now we install the add-on.

Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Sandmann79s Repository
Video add-ons -> Amazon VOD (Select Amazon if you live in Germany)
Now select install and okay.


Add-ons -> Install from Zip File
Root filesystem -> addons ->

This will install the repository, now lets install the add-on.

Add-ons -> Install from repository -> CastagnaIT Addon Repository
Video add-ons -> Netflix
Select Install, Select newest version, and select okay.

If all goes well, under Video in the Main menu under addons, you will have Netflix and Amazon Prime listed.

Running Netflix or Amazon Video for the first time

On initial start of our addons we will be prompted to log into our accounts. Simply enter in your Email and Passwords for your account and everything should start.

The first time you launch a Netflix and Amazon Video, you will be prompted to install a proprietary decryption module called Widevine. Luckily our add-ons will take care of this for us. Select a Netflix or Amazon show and start an episode. Because it is propriety it will be downloaded from a Chrome OS recovery image. Select yes to continue, and accept the license and root permissions. Once downloaded you will be prompted once more to install. The recovery image is large, so make sure you have lots of space in your SD card.

Once the installation is complete, your show should begin to play.

If you find your video is poor quality, or choppy, you can adjust the video settings. In your addons configure Input Stream Adaptive. Here you should be able to set your default setting to ensure stutter free playback. Typically 720p plays fine on the Raspberry Pi 3.

All finished!

Congratulations, you should now have a working Media Center which you can use for your local content, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime.